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Introduce Your Audience to the Greatest Gardening Advance of the Decade, The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse.
An earth-sheltered solar greenhouse can give your listeners organic, locally grown E.coli and salmonella free produce year round for pennies on the dollar. And do it without any heat other than the sun and earth.

Have guest Mike (the Mole) Oehler  tell your audience how to build a super energy-free greenhouse. He is still using one he built thirty years ago in a mountain valley at 2000 foot elevation that operates energy free year round. This greenhouse built on the Idaho/Canadian border takes tomatoes year after year into the second week of December and hardies like kale and cabbage clear through the winter. The greenhouse does this with just the energy provided directly by nature. All of the above ground unheated greenhouses in the area usually freeze out around the second week in October.

The reason for this remarkable record is that above ground greenhouses lose heat from five surfaces and gain from only one, the floor. Earth sheltered greenhouses gain from five surfaces and lose from only one, the glazing. The ratio is exactly reversed.

Mike built this 10' x 27' Greenhouse for $388 with another $500 for two subsequent glazings. That comes out to about $29.60 per year for 30 years of use, or $2.47 per month, or 8 cents per day..

At a time of great concern over the quality of supermarket food this guest offers one single answer to the problem of eating locally, organically and lessening our use of fossil fuels.

The Earth-Sheltered solar Greenhouse Book is $24.95,
Available at undergrounhousing.com or (800) 328-8790

CLICK HERE TO ORDER The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book.

Mike Oehler has been designing, building and living underground since 1971 on his North Idaho 46 acre homestead. He has been gardening in his unique earth-sheltered greenhouses since 1976. Author of The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book and The $50 & Up Underground House Book, his work has received international acclaim and resulted in his lecturing or conducting workshops in Canada, England, Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and 26 American states, frequently under the sponsorship of university architecture departments. He is the veteran of more than 100 radio and television interviews including some fairly intense work with HGTV and twice with the BBC, the second time being flown to and paid for a weeks work in New York in front of the BBC cameras. More of his work may be viewed at www.undergroundhousing.com

Mike (the Mole) Oehler has been
designing, building and living underground since 1971. He has been teaching the concept at colleges and universities since 1972. He is passionate about the subject and soon sways even the most skeptical listener. It is hard to argue with
the logic of protection from hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fire,
radiation and social disorder. It is equally hard to argue with the tremendous savings in heating and air conditioning bills. And building costs? Listen to the description of Mike¹s house on HGTV¹s the subterranean:
“Today his little house in a hillside is a rustic gem... It¹s like having an underground log cabin... and somehow eight feet underground there¹s still lots of light here... A beautiful mountain side, custom design, self sufficiency and plenty of natural light even though you¹re underground, and all for $500.” For $500? Yes, thanks to what Countryside Magazine calls Mike¹s “Innovative and ingenious construction methods and design techniques ...a totally different concept. In its way it is both as simple and as amazingly ingenious as a
paper clip... revolutionary ... unique. “plenty of natural light eight feet underground? Ah, yes.
This is where Mike (the Mole) really shines. Rather than using the “Foolish Four” methods of design common to most struggling subterranean architects, Mike has invented or developed the “Thirteen Approved Methods of Design” which allows an abundance of light, air, sunshine and even views -- all while underground. And he has had enough years explaining this on the air that even a radio audience, listening blind as it were, can achieve
enlightenment (pun unavoidable.)
There is an acute longing for reasonably priced, safe sheltering, energy efficient homes. No wonder the Chicago Sun Times said, “It¹s obvious Oehler¹s on to something.” Light up your phone lines with
this guest.

The Earth-Sheltered solar Greenhouse Book is $24.95,
Available at undergrounhousing.com or (800) 328-8790

CLICK HERE TO ORDER The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book.

Mike Oehler designed and hand-built his
first underground house in 1971. He has
been designing, building, writing,
publishing, and lecturing on earth
sheltering ever since. He has lectured or
conducted workshops in 26 American
states and in Canada, England, Scotland,
Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany,
frequently sponsored by university
architecture departments. The author of
both The $50 & Up Underground House
Book and The Earth-Sheltered Solar
Greenhouse Book, he concentrates now on radio and television appearances to spread the word. He has lived underground for more than thirty years and is the former president of Hobbit Housing Company, a design, building and consulting firm.

Possible Interview Questions
for Mike (The Mole) Oehler
Author of The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book

Why go to all the trouble of constructing a greenhouse and growing food yourself when there is so much beautiful and inexpensive produce stacked along the supermarket aisles? (answer takes 90 seconds)

2. What is a solar greenhouse? Aren’t all greenhouses solar?
(90 seconds)

3. What are the ways you can collect the solar energy?
(2 minutes)

4. What exactly is an earth-sheltered greenhouse, and what are its advantages over a normal greenhouse? (2 minutes)

5. You can cut the costs of heating a greenhouse 75 to 100%?
(2 minutes)

6. Some areas have poor growing light, have a lot of shade or are cloudy -- such as the Pacific Northwest in the winter. Is there some way you can make up for such poor light without the expense and energy consumption of grow lights?
(1 minute 45 seconds)

7. You claim you can use gravity to warm your plants. How do you pull that one off.? (90 seconds)

Tell us what heat tubes are and where you should use them. (90 seconds)

9. What about insulation? Can you insulate a greenhouse? Wouldn’t that block the sun? (2 minutes)

10. You say you can automatically vent without power. How do you do that? (90 seconds)

11. What do you mean when you say you should ôuse a root cellar in tandem with the greenhouseö?
(90 seconds)

12. What sort of glazing do you recommend for a greenhouse?
(2 minutes)

13. What is the Post/Shoring/Polyethylene method of building -- which Countryside Magazine called revolutionary?
(90 seconds)

14. Can you build with used materials, and if so were can you find them? ( 2 minutes)

Possible Interview Questions
for Mike (The Mole) Oehler
Author of The $50 and Up Underground House Book

1. How long have you lived underground?
(answer takes 10 seconds)

2. What inspired you, or should we say
“possessed” you to go underground?
(45 seconds)

3. What are the advantages of living
underground? (3 minutes)

4. What are the disadvantages?
(30 seconds))

5. But who would want to live in a basement all their lives?
(2 minutes)

6. What are some of the ways of getting light, air and views into an underground house? Do I understand correctly that you have thirteen methods of doing this?
(4 minutes)

What are the “foolish four” methods you
say most underground architects use, and
why are they foolish? (90 seconds)

8. Did you really build a house for $50?
(1 minute)

9. What¹s the secret? How could you build so cheaply?
(1 minute)

10. But if you build an underground house
from wood, doesn¹t the earth rot the wood? (30 seconds)

11. How do you handle drainage problems
underground? (90 seconds)

12. Can you build an underground house on flat land? Couldn¹t it flood out? Couldn¹t it fill with water? (45 seconds)

13. What are your underground plans for the future? (1 minute)

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