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The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book

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The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book


The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book  has 230 pages with nearly 200 illustrations, photos, diagrams, lists, charts and drawings. It contains all the information you need to struggle free from the pesticide, herbicide, fungicide, waxed, E-coli laden, genetically modified and irradiated supermarket produce. It promotes organic food grown in the closest local spot of all, your backyard. It does all this and saves you a bundle of money too! The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book  details the benefits of both passive solar energy and earth sheltering in greenhouse design. This combination results in greenhouses which need no heating. The captured sun's energy and that which is stored in the earth is enough for successful year round harvest. Gone are costly heating bills. Gone is the squander of nonrenewable energy resources and the resultant atmospheric harm. This is because above-ground unheated greenhouses get natural heat at night from only one side, the floor. They lose heat from the other five sides. The properly designed earth-sheltered greenhouse is naturally warmed at night -- and in the winter -- from five sides and loses heat from only one, the carefully selected glazing. The ratio is exactly reversed. This book tells all. It takes you step by step through the construction of an inexpensive greenhouse which may be built with either newly purchased or salvaged building materials at great savings. It explains the author's unique Post/Shoring/Polyethylene construction methods which Countryside Magazine called �Revolutionary... innovative and ingenious... a totally different concept.� The book deals heavily with design so that the reader may custom-build a greenhouse perfect for the particular climate and needs. It tells :

� How to use gravity to warm winter plants

How to effectively capture and store the sun's heat

� How to make up for poor sunlight free of cost

� How to automatically vent without power

� How to choose the best glazing for your project

Where to find free building materials

When to use heat tubes and when not to

How to use a root cellar in tandem with the greenhouse

Where to use insulation with wonderful effect (and where to absolutely avoid it)

How to deal with plant pests organically

� What animals should be living in the greenhouse

And hundreds of more tips. Seasoned gardeners will immediately understand the great benefits of growing in a greenhouse that needs little or no additional heat for year round harvest. Beginning gardeners will discover the deep joys and therapeutic value of gardening -- without the bitter disappointment of seeing their hard won plants freeze to death in the fall. All gardeners will appreciate the year round healthful, flavorful food, food that is almost free of cost. And all gardeners will greatly appreciate being able to work or lounge in the sun on the bitterest winter day. It's like being in Florida or on the Riviera without the expense and inconvenience of travel.  With a little adaptation your greenhouse might serve as a storm shelter also, seeing as part of it is eight foot deep. It could conceivably keep a family alive over a winter when fuel was not available. And, of course, it could feed a family were food the food supply disrupted.  A year round therapeutic hobby; basking in the sun on bitter winter days; gloriously healthy food; a corresponding decrease in medical bills, not to mention food bills; plus shelter from the storm and civilization's failure are compelling reasons for building an earth-sheltered solar greenhouse.  Peter Andrews, founder of Eco-Logic Books in the United Kingdom calls The Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse Book a, �Splendid, practical handbook -- essential reading for anyone looking to extend their growing season. Thoroughly recommended.�

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